Thursday, February 20, 2020


Note to the hardcore Berkshire and investing readers: Warren Buffett's letter to shareholders will be released on Saturday and, as we've done for the past few years, Chris Bloomstran's annual letter will also be released here on the blog tomorrow. Chris was hoping to keep things much shorter than the 112-pager from last year, but it's looking like it'll come in a bit longer than that for this year. So make sure your printer is full of paper and ink, and check back here during the second half of the day tomorrow for the Semper Augustus Investments Group 2019 Annual Letter. 


"Conservatism may cause investors to refrain from making some investments that in hindsight would have been successful, but it will also prevent some sizable losses that would ensue from adopting less conservative business valuations." --Seth Klarman

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What's Next for COVID-19? [H/T @Atul_Gawande] (LINK)
Containment of the coronavirus would make an enormous difference to health around the world. Is it still possible?