Tuesday, February 11, 2020


For those that are going to the Fairfax Financial Annual Meeting in April and are looking to attend other events around the meeting, discount rates for the YYX Toronto Value Symposium are available


What “Bullet-Proof Investing” Means to Me? - by Sanjay Bakshi (LINK)

Crisis Investing: How to Maximize Returns During Market Panics (LINK)

Winter 2020 issue of Graham & Doddsville (LINK)

The Flaws of "Subscription Fatigue", "SVOD Fatigue", and the "Streaming Wars" - by Matthew Ball (LINK)

Writing in a Business Context - by Jerry Neumann (LINK)

Some great notes from the book Capital Account: A Fund Manager Reports on a Turbulent Decade, 1993-2002 (LINK)
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Can We Have Prosperity Without Growth? (LINK)

Chemical Toxicity and the Baby Bust: Unexpected threats to human fertility and, hence, chemical companies - by Jeremy Grantham (LINK)

Naked Mole Rats Seem More Alien Than Mammal. What Explains Their Weirdness? (LINK)