Thursday, February 6, 2020


"I think most people get very few, what I call, no-brainer opportunities, where it’s just so damned obvious that this is going to work. And since they are very few and they may be separated by periods of years, I think people have to learn to have the courage and the intelligence to step up in a major way when those rare opportunities come by." --Charlie Munger (1997)

"Yeah. You've got to be willing to take a really big bite. And it’s crazy if you don’t. And it’s crazy if you dabble around at the edges, so you’re not prepared to take a big bite when the time comes." --Warren Buffett (1997)

Why it only costs $10k to ‘own’ a Chick-fil-A franchise [H/T @cristinagberta] (LINK)
The chicken chain is known for having the lowest entry cost of any major fast-food franchise — but there’s a catch.
Vanguard Broadens Reach With Entry Into Private Equity ($) (LINK)

Ray Dalio's response to the recent WSJ article on him and Bridgewater (LINK)

Corner Office from Marketplace (podcast): Janet Yellen and David Malpass on global economic slowdown (LINK)

1,000 True Fans? Try 100 (LINK)