Sunday, January 28, 2018


The Science Of Thinking (video) [H/T Linc] (LINK)

Lessons from Phil Knight about Business and Being an Entrepreneur - by Tren Griffin (LINK)
Related book: Shoe Dog
IP Capital Partners' Q4 report discussing Danaher (LINK)

China's BYD wins second electric bus order in tough to crack Africa market [H/T Linc] (LINK)

RV Capital's Emerging Managers Meeting, January 2018 (video) (LINK)

Tom Gilovich on the Masters in Business podcast (LINK)

Dale Carnegie: Coming to grips with a shaper of modern American culture [H/T Linc] (LINK)
Related books: 1) Self-Help Messiah: Dale Carnegie and Success in Modern America; 2) How to Win Friends & Influence People
As Cape Town water crisis deepens, scientists prepare for ‘Day Zero’ (LINK)

Ingvar Kamprad, founder of Ikea, dies at 91 (LINK)
Related book: Leading By Design: The Ikea Story