Saturday, January 27, 2018


“Buy not on optimism but on arithmetic.” – Ben Graham

Jeremy Grantham on WealthTrack (video) (LINK)

Feed the Ducks While They Are Quacking: Time to Reduce Lower Quality Bond Positions - By Lewis Johnson (LINK)

Rob Vinall's year-end letter for RV Capital [registration required] (LINK)

RV Capital's Annual Investors Conference 2018 (video) (LINK)

The Fantastic Four That Make FANG Look Tame (LINK)

Words From the Wise: An AQR Interview with Ed Thorp (LINK)
We sat down with Ed Thorp, a pioneer in the mathematical analysis of casino games and investing, to get his insights on an array of topics from casino gambling to quantitative investing. [Interview conducted December 2, 2015]
Sir Isaac Newton: Scientific Genius, Investing Fool - by Jason Zweig (LINK)
The physicist fell even harder than previously thought for one of the worst speculative bubbles of all time
Exponent Podcast: Episode 138 — A Moat Too Far (LINK)

Why I Urge You to Watch Planet Earth: Blue Planet II - by Ray Dalio (LINK)
Related previous link: Blue Planet II Is the Greatest Nature Series Of All Time - by Ed Yong