Monday, January 15, 2018


Fiat Chrysler’s Marchionne: The Future of Cars Will Be Electric and Commoditized (LINK)

Adapt or Die Is Marchionne’s Stark Farewell Message to Carmakers [H/T Matt] (LINK)

Alibaba's AI Outguns Humans in Reading Test [H/T Linc] (LINK)

Is Amazon Going to Rule the World? (video) [H/T The Big Picture] (LINK)

Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not (LINK)

Harvard Study Shows Why Big Telecom Is Terrified of Community-Run Broadband [H/T Techmeme] (LINK)

I Kid you not, this Mifid rule relies on a bent coin - by John Kay (LINK)

How I Built This Podcast -- LinkedIn: Reid Hoffman (LINK)

Bill James on EconTalk (podcast) (LINK)

Chemists go green to make better blue jeans (LINK)