Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Sanjay Bakshi: What GEICO’s Customer Acquisition and Associated Costs Taught Me about Business Economics, Management Quality, and Valuation (LINK)

David Einhorn Blames Worst Month Since October 2008 On “Challenging” Market (LINK)

Chris Mayer on why utilities are a sell (LINK)

Darren Gee, President and CEO of PEYTO, is out with his August report (LINK) [Chris Mayer also recently linked to his November report, where he quotes the book The Outsiders.]

Richard Duncan's video warning on China's economy from 16 months ago (~14 minutes) (LINK) [If you're interested in subscribing to his Macro Watch video newsletter, see the mention of it in THIS post to use this blog's coupon code, 'valueinvestingworld'.]

Phil Libin, co-founder and executive chairman of Evernote, on the Tim Ferriss podcast (LINK)

Tim Harford: Worming our way to the truth (LINK)