Thursday, August 6, 2015

Glenn Greenberg on zeroing in and not getting caught up in the minutiae

As quoted in the ECAM Q2 2011 letter:
“I’ve just found that it’s very easy for me to zero in, after studying something for a few hours, the key make or break factor that makes it interesting. And that’s with any of the investments that we have that you can boil it down to a fairly simple theory. And you’re constantly looking for why that theory might be wrong. But the likelihood of it being, severely wrong is probably small.” 
“I really felt that when I watched A Beautiful Mind about John Nash. In the movie, they showed Nash analyzing formulae and then it showed how it looked to him and it was like some things were really bold. And I understood exactly what he felt. I see a lot of times people are just totally caught up in the minutia and the details. A lot of the questions on earnings calls I listen to, people are getting into stuff that’s not going to move things one-tenth of one percent. It’s just not important and then people are really focused on it and they’re missing the really important stuff.”

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