Thursday, August 20, 2015


Today's Audible Daily Deal is one of the all-time great books: Man's Search for Meaning (for $2.95)

Will and Ariel Durant: The Three Lessons of Biological History (LINK)

Can Warren Buffett Also Predict Equity Market Downturns? [H/T @Greenbackd] (LINK)
In a 2001 interview, Warren Buffett suggested that the ratio of the market value of all publicly traded stocks to the Gross National Product could identify potential overvaluations and undervaluations in the US equity market. In this paper, we investigate whether this ratio is a statistically significant predictor of equity market downturns.
The Post-YC Slump [H/T @rogerfarley] (LINK)

New Video: Great White Shark Leaps After Seal in Cape Cod (LINK)