Monday, August 31, 2015


Always a great time to revisit this: Seth Klarman on the Painful Decision to Hold Cash [H/T @trengriffin] (LINK)

Latticework of Mental Models: Moral Hazard (LINK)

Meet Mark Spitznagel, the Investor Behind Universa’s Big Gain [H/T Jim] (LINK)
Related book: The Dao of Capital
Boeing uses its clout to control supplier consolidation (LINK)

How farmers from rural China bet on the stock market and lost [H/T @jasonzweigwsj] (LINK)

Nick Kristof: This Land Is Our Land (LINK)

I noticed that one of my all-time favorite reads is now also available in audio format for those interested: On the Shortness of Life - by Lucius Seneca