Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Deep Value Master, Walter Schloss (LINK)
I also posted a few quotes from the 1989 OID interview on Twitter over the past week, such as a Walter Schloss' comment on Ben Graham: "The difference is Graham didn't really like investments. He liked the challenge. He liked the game. He liked to make money. But he didn't really enjoy investments. As he once told me, it was easier to make more money than to cut down on his expenses. He was involved in a lot of things." 
Ryan Holiday: The 16 Best Books About Marketing (LINK) [I haven't read it yet, but Seth Godin's Purple Cow made Holiday's list as well as the other list from the weekend. I also added all of Holiday's recommendations HERE.]

Malcolm's Gladwell's 2002 article on Nassim Taleb [I've posted this before, but interesting to review 12 years later.] (LINK)
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