Friday, October 17, 2014


Horizon Kinetics: 3rd Quarter 2014 Commentary (LINK)

Broyhill Q3 Letter (LINK)

Google Thinks Amazon Is Its Biggest Competitor. Here’s why. [H/T The Big Picture] (LINK)
Related books:  How Google Works; The Everything Store (which was also a good audiobook)
The Empire Reboots: Bethany McLean's profile of Microsoft and its leadership [H/T Phil] (LINK)


Ed Catmull of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studio (LINK) [I've linked to this interview before, which is Catmull discussing his excellent book Creativity, Inc., but I wanted to highlight a particular segment from 37:52-42:38. In it, Catmull discusses Disney Animation, which he and John Lasseter were asked to run after the Disney acquisition of Pixar. Disney Animation had produced some huge hits in the '90s, and then went on a long run of failures. But they were able to change some of the principles and philosophy to completely turn things around, and the most interesting part to me is that it was all done with essentially the same people that were there when they were failing.]