Thursday, October 9, 2014


Guy Spier discussing his book, The Education of a Value Investor (LINK)

Steven Levy interviews Eric Schmidt (LINK)
Related books: How Google Works (new), and In The Plex (a Charlie Munger recommendation from a few years ago)
Howard Marks Discusses Personal Finance On Bloomberg Radio ["The main mistake that people make, be they individual or professionals, is that they allow themselves to be affected by emotion. Emotion is the enemy."] (LINK)
On the show Howard Marks recommended his book, The Most Important Thing,as well as Joel Greenblatt's books, with the main ones being The Little Book That Still Beats the Market as well as my favorite You Can Be a Stock Market Genius
CNBC Transcript of Warren Buffett's conversation with Becky Quick on the show"On the Money" (LINK)

How You Make Decisions Says a Lot About How Happy You Are [H/T David] (LINK)

And interesting interview with Leon Panetta on Charlie Rose discussing his book, Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace, and other things (LINK)