Monday, October 27, 2014


James Montier: Shareholder Value Maximization: The World's Dumbest Idea? [Montier starts in the video around 5:30] (LINK)

The Apollo Asia Fund's Q3 report (LINK)

Hussman Weekly Market Comment: Fast, Furious and Prone to Failure (LINK)

Jason Zweig: So You Think You’re a Risk-Taker? (LINK)

Bill Ackman and His Hedge Fund, Betting Big [H/T Will] (LINK)

Jim Koch: The Steve Jobs of Beer (LINK)

Jared Diamond talks with The Guardian (LINK)
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On the Obsessive Focus of Bill Gates (LINK)
One trait that differentiated [Gates and Allen] was focus. Allen’s mind would flit between many ideas and passions, but Gates was a serial obsessor. 
“Where I was curious to study everything in sight, Bill would focus on one task at a time with total discipline,” said Allen. “You could see it when he programmed. He would sit with a marker clenched in his mouth, tapping his feet and rocking; impervious to distraction.”
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a16z Podcast: The (Definite) Optimism of Peter Thiel (LINK)
What is Silicon Valley’s greatest reigning monopoly? How did PayPal manage to emerge from the dotcom implosion? Can you build a great tech company and keep it private forever? And how did Elon Musk manage to wreck an uninsured, million-dollar car with Peter Thiel in the passenger seat speeding on the way to a VC meeting? Marc Andreessen and Thiel discuss all of it in a wide-ranging conversation that toggles off the topics in Thiel’s new book “Zero to One.”
Munger Gives $65 Million to U.C. Santa Barbara [H/T Daniel] (LINK)
Charles Munger, the vice chairman at Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK/A), is giving $65 million to the University of California at Santa Barbara for a housing facility where visiting scientists can gather to discuss physics. 
Construction of the three-story residence is expected to be done in two years, the university said in a statement. The gift by Munger, the long-time business partner of Warren Buffett, is the largest single donation in the school’s history, according to the statement. 
“Once you see what a combination of calculus and Newton’s laws will do and the things you can work out, you get an awesome appreciation for the power of getting things in science right,” Munger, 90, said in the statement. “I don’t think you get a feeling for the power of science — not with the same strength — anywhere else than you do in physics.”
What Will Set Warren Buffett’s Company Apart When He’s Gone? (LINK)
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Buffett’s Model Not Challenged by IBM Loss (video) [H/T Will] (LINK)
Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Lawrence Cunningham, author of “Berkshire Beyond Buffett,” talks with Betty Liu about how the value lost in IBM impacts the effectiveness of Warren Buffett’s investment plans. He speaks on “In The Loop.”
Talks at Google: John Mihaljevic, "The Manual of Ideas: How to Find the Best Investment Ideas" (video) (LINK)
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Steve Keen: Time for a Copernican Revolution in Economics (LINK)
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