Monday, February 26, 2018

Warren Buffett on CNBC

Videos (The full transcript is also available HERE.):

Buffett: New tax law huge tailwind for business

Buffett: New accounting rules increase reported income

Buffett: I'd choose equities over bonds

Buffett: Berkshire has been a saving accounts

Buffett: Mistakes made at GE

Buffett: Wells Fargo incentivized bad behavior

Buffett: I've not given a directive on gun-maker stocks

Buffett: I don't want to be on any outside boards

Buffett: I'd buy an Apple smartphone

Buffett: It's insane to risk what you have for something you don't need

Buffett: Homebuyers want a helping hand

Buffett: It is crazy to borrow money on securities

Buffett: We want our directors to stand in the shoes of our shareholders

Buffett: Todd and Ted make their own decisions

Buffett: BYD was Charlie's idea

Buffett: We bought Samsung in the past

Buffett: Precision Castparts is a long-term business

Warren Buffett: 'We've bought more Apple than anything else' in the last year

Buffett: Apple's consumer business extraordinary

Buffett: I love the idea of tackling health-care costs

Buffett: I understand consumer behavior

Buffett: Our goal is to improve health care for everyone

Buffett: Jeff, Jamie and I can make things happen in health care

Buffett: I wouldn't rule out buying an entire airline