Thursday, February 22, 2018


How Jeffrey Immelt’s ‘Success Theater’ Masked the Rot at GE (LINK) [In response to a question about assessing a company's culture from the outside, a wise and successful business man once told a small group of people that I was a part of that one of the ways to try and do it is to try and figure out if a company and its leaders lie. See if what they say and write is true. The example given (roughly) was a company that writes about how many new products it is developing, but when you go to a trade show, speak with a company employee and mention how you read about all the new products they have coming out soon and in development, and they say something like "Oh no, we haven't developed a new product in a decade." That's a sign the culture could be a rotten one; or at least an undesirable one in which to put your capital to work.]

The Ski Team That Sleeps Together Wins a Lot of Gold Medals Together [H/T Tamas] (LINK) [From a week ago, but a great example of building the right kind of culture.]

A long Twitter thread (100 replies) from someone who has read Nassim Taleb's new book, Skin in the Game (LINK) [The U.S. release date is next week.]

The Case Against Google - by Charles Duhigg (LINK)

Sergio Marchionne's final lap (LINK)

Retired sanitation honcho pulls in $285K a year in pension — twice his old salary [H/T @jtepper2] (LINK)

How Australia All But Ended Gun Violence (LINK)

What Muhammad Ali Can Teach Us About Success and an Authentic Life - by Robert Greene (LINK)

The Knowledge Project Podcast -- Survival of the Kindest: Dacher Keltner Reveals the New Rules of Power (LINK)
Related book: The Power Paradox: How We Gain and Lose Influence
Why Is Blue So Rare In Nature? (video) [H/T Linc] (LINK)