Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Full Transcript of the Daily Journal Annual Meeting 2018 (LINK) [Note: If you read this, I recommend listening to the joke Munger tells at the 39:28 mark in the audio version (in his reply to Question 4) when you get to that part, as it is way more entertaining to hear him tell it than just reading it.]

Private Equity: Overvalued and Overrated? - by Dan Rasmussen (LINK)

GORILLA BATTLES: Q1 2018 On What Amazon Means For The Rest Of Us (LINK)

Direct Wisdom from John Malone (LINK)

Labor 2030: The Collision of Demographics, Automation and Inequality [H/T @AlexRubalcava] (LINK)

A Chinese Casino Has Conquered a Piece of America (LINK)

Washington’s $500 Million Financial-Storm Forecaster Is Foundering ($) (LINK)

Invest Like the Best Podcast: Pat Dorsey Returns – The Moat Portfolio (LINK)

Sebastian Junger Never Owned a Smartphone (and Why This Matters) - by Cal Newport (LINK)

Jordan B. Peterson on 12 Rules for Life (video) (LINK)
Related book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos
A 30-part BBC Podcast Series: Living With The Gods [H/T Tamas] (LINK)
Neil MacGregor explores the role and expression of shared beliefs in communities around the world.