Monday, February 29, 2016


Warren Buffett on CNBC.... Links to videos:

Warren Buffett: When stocks go down it's good news

Warren Buffett: Negative effects of low oil

Warren Buffett: Expected rails to do better

Warren Buffett: Earning power our annual goal

Distracted driver deaths will likely increase insurance rates: Warren Buffett

Buffett: Never sold a share of IBM

Buffett: Our job is to educate 'Watson'

Berkshire to webcast annual meeting

Buffett's 'ultimate' $1M bracket

Negative rates 'distorts' everything: Warren Buffett

Economist don't make money buying and selling stocks: Buffett

Trump's popularity surprises me: Warren Buffett

How Berkshire differs from 3G: Buffett

We like Dow Chemical preferred: Buffett

THIS was Coca Cola's dumbest deal ever: Buffett

Buffett on Apple's DOJ battle

Buffett: Don't penalize non-solar customers

Buffett: Robot - wouldn't it be wonderful if...

Buffett: Clayton Homes does not discriminate

Buffett: Hope Britain stays in EU

Don't sleepwalk through life: Warren Buffett


Bill Gates cautions on unicorn valuations over short term (LINK)

Max Levchin on Charlie Rose discussing the Apple encryption debate (video) (LINK)

Morrisons signs deal to sell food to Amazon customers (LINK)

This is from a couple of weeks ago, but I just got to it over the weekend and it was pretty interesting.... Walter O’Brien (AKA “Scorpion”) on Tim Ferriss' podcast (LINK)

Book of the day (which I've mentioned before and which is currently near the top of my to-read pile, but Mr. Buffett's comments about Keynes' change in investment style reminded me that I should get to it soon): Keynes and the Market: How the World's Greatest Economist Overturned Conventional Wisdom and Made a Fortune on the Stock Market