Sunday, February 14, 2016


East Coast Asset Management 2015 Letter - Twin Lights (LINK) [Chris Begg's letters are always one of my favorite reads, and this particular letter even more so, as I think the insights discussed relating to business culture are both important and enduring models of how the world works.]
The foundational understanding where we are looking to arrive at is to determine the compounding merit of the investment–superior returns, asymmetric risk, and ideally a long-duration.  We value the important truth that almost any advantage can be copied away eventually and  that  the  only  truly sustainable  long-term  competitive  advantage lies  in  the culture of  a business. 
The more businesses we study, the more we find that these insights apply perfectly to what determines an outlier organization. The common thread that connects our greatest investments over the longest durations has been one of greater structural organization leading to the ability to scale those businesses whereby greater and greater amounts of work are attracted to that system. Intuition might suggest that the great investments came from being early to a revolutionary product or an early entrant into a huge market opportunity. This has not proven to be the case. What we have found is that an evolved system that values persistent incremental progress eternally repeated (PIPER mindset) has delivered the greatest return, while taking the least amount of risk over the longest duration.
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