Friday, February 12, 2016


Today's Audible Daily Deal ($1.95) is a book I remember hearing recommended on a recent podcast, though I don't remember which one: How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships

Daily Journal Annual Meeting Notes (and audio) (LINK)

A friend also reminded me of some comments by Charlie Munger in 2007 about how Berkshire became successful (LINK), which he of course went on to discuss in more detail in last year's 50th anniversary letter (LINK).

Five Good Questions for Christopher Mayer about his book 100 Baggers (LINK)

The Moneyball of Quality Investing (LINK)

Jamie Dimon just dropped $26 million on JPMorgan shares (LINK)

The second golden age of American railroads is drawing to a close. Consolidation may follow. [H/T Linc] (LINK)

FT Alphachat (podcast): The lasting damage of China's one-child policy and Theranos's precipitous fall from grace (LINK)

Naval Ravikant on habits, present state awareness and light reading [H/T Abnormal Returns] (LINK) [The full podcast appearance is HERE.]

Edge Conversation With Ed Boyden: How the Brain Is Computing the Mind (LINK)

LIGO Sees First Ever Gravitational Waves as Two Black Holes Eat Each Other (LINK)
Better start shining up some new Nobel Prize medals: Scientists have reported that, for the very first time in history, they have detected gravitational waves. 
And oh my yes, this is a very big deal. It will open up an entirely new field of astronomy, a new way to observe the Universe. Seriously.