Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The Audible Daily Deal is a good one today. It's a Great Courses lecture series from Robert Sapolsky (for $2.95): Being Human: Life Lessons from the Frontiers of Science

Why do Family-Controlled Public Companies Outperform? The Value of Disciplined Governance [H/T @ChrisMayerAgora] (LINK)

George Cooper talks about his book, Money, Blood and Revolution (video) (LINK)

Austbrokers faces major buffeting [H/T Linc] (LINK)
Corporate disasters usually stem from many small problems conspiring to cause one very big one. A dip in sales, distracted management, a little too much debt; for want of a nail, the kingdom was lost. 
Austbrokers, however, is threatened by the opposite principle: one enormous problem that will cause many more. Warren Buffett wants to put the company out of business.
Video Captures Catlike Creature (a Genet) Riding Rare Rhino (LINK)