Sunday, July 19, 2015


Barry Ritholtz talks with Howard Marks (LINK)
Related book: The Most Important Thing
Let’s Be Honest About Gold: It’s a Pet Rock - by Jason Zweig (LINK)

Bill Miller: NYSE Trading Halt Symptomatic of Broader Problem (video) [H/T ValueWalk] (LINK)

Michael Pettis on the China stock market (LINK)

A discussion of 'The Stanford Prison Experiment' on Charlie Rose (video) (LINK)

A Dozen Things Learned from Sam Altman about Venture Capital, Startups and Business (LINK)
Related link: Sam Altman's class lectures on How to Start a Startup
Pluto and Charon Keep Getting WEIRDER (LINK)

Buddhist Geeks Podcast: What Science Can Teach Us About Practice (LINK) [Ed Catmull mentioned this talk in his book, Creativity, Inc.]
In this episode, taken from the Buddhist Geeks Conference in 2011, Kelly McGonigal, PhD in Health Psychology, speaks on how the neuroscience of meditation can help us understand how practice shapes the mind and can also offer fresh insights into concepts like mindfulness and suffering. As Dr. McGonigal presents various scientific studies that show differences in the brain functioning between meditators and non-meditators, she highlights how meditation practice benefits the practitioner in various ways such as higher pain thresholds and reduced depression.