Monday, April 27, 2015

Top Books

This weekend, I mentioned on Twitter that the book Sapiens might be one of my Top 5 favorite books of all-time. Since I've gotten a couple of questions asking for what else I'd put on that list, I decided to post it here. But instead of just calling it a "favorite" list, I've decided to pose a more specific question, and maybe turn it into a series of posts over time by asking some others for their lists as well. So here's the question:

If you were to go away for 5 years and isolate yourself so that you had no internet or television, and the only things you could read would be the 5 books you can bring with you, what 5 books would you bring?

While my list may change over time, if I was forced to pick today, I think these would be the 5 I would take:

Seneca's letters and The Complete Essays of Montaigne were the ones I had a hard time not picking, and the ones that could potentially make the list depending on the mood I'm in at any given time. If there was one long book of Seneca's letters and essays together, it would make my Top 5.