Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Star Investors Reveal Their Hits and Misses [H/T Matt] (LINK)
The hard lessons from Rob Arnott, Jeremy Grantham, Howard Marks and Jeffrey Gundlach
El-Erian's barbell strategy (video) (LINK) [For more on barbell strategies, via Nassim Taleb, see THIS.]
Mohamed El-Erian, Allianz chief economic adviser, discusses his personal asset allocation, and why he is invested in cash on one end and hedge funds on the other.
Jim Grant on CNBC (video) (LINK)

Buffett Ups The Ante On Auto Sector Bet With $560M Axalta Stake (LINK)

Bruce Lee: Be Like Water (video) [H/T @PeterAttiaMD] (LINK)

Book of the day [H/T Tim Ferriss]: We Learn Nothing