Friday, March 6, 2020


"Our model is a seamless web of trust that’s deserved on both sides. That’s what we’re aiming for. The Hollywood model, where everyone has a contract, and no trust is deserved on either side, is not what we want at all." --Charlie Munger (2009)

Howard Marks on Bloomberg TV discussing his latest memo (video) (LINK)

Sam Zell on CNBC (video) (LINK)

The End of Pay-TV - by Matthew Ball (LINK)

How To Manage Change (LINK)

Value Investing with Legends Podcast: David Samra - Leveraging Fundamentals to Remain Relevant (LINK)

One Doctor’s Life on the Coronavirus Front Lines. ‘If We Fail, What Happens to You All?’ ($) (LINK)

Coronavirus: The Black Swan of 2020 - Sequoia Capital Publication (LINK)

Scott Adams and Naval Ravikant talk about Coronavirus (video) (LINK)

The Tim Ferriss Show (podcast): #413: Tyler Cowen on Rationality, COVID-19, Talismans, and Life on the Margins (LINK)

Freeman Dyson’s Letters Offer Another Glimpse of Genius (LINK)