Thursday, March 19, 2020


Bill Gates reddit AMA about COVID-19 (LINK)

Tom Russo on Intelligent Investing in Crisis Mode (audio) (LINK)

GMO White Paper | Memo to the Investment Committee: Dare to Be Different - by James Montier (LINK)
The conventional 60/40 portfolio of today is not going to generate the kind of returns that investors say they need. Investors must seek to embrace the terrifying concept of being different. As the ghosts of many great investors past have amply demonstrated, being different is the path to investment success. However, such advice falls into the simple but not easy category, to borrow Warren Buffett’s expression.
GMO Asset Allocation: COVID-19 Update - by Ben Inker (LINK)

Common Enemies - by Morgan Housel (LINK)

Coronavirus – getting angry - by John Hempton (LINK)

Oaktree Insights: Assessing Relative Value in Credit amid Coronavirus Uncertainty (LINK)

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