Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Chris Bloomstran on the Invest Like the Best podcast

I've been hoping for this conversation for a while, and Chris and Patrick O’Shaughnessy finally got a chance to chat about quality companies, Berkshire Hathaway, and plenty more. In case anyone missed it, Chris has gone deep into the Berkshire weeds over the last few years with his 2015 letter2016 interview with Kate Welling, 2016 letter, 2017 letter, and then his most recent 2018 letter; all of which can also be found on the Semper Augustus Investments Group website. Chris is a close friend and I'm glad he's starting to get out in public a bit more, as he's one of the best investors and business analysts I know. I also think he could manage a lot more capital without having any effect on his ability to earn good absolute returns and beat the market over time, as he's done for Semper's first 20 years in business.