Tuesday, August 27, 2019


"Investment success depends on buying into the right businesses at the right price. And you have to know how to value businesses, and you have to have an attitude that divorces you from being influenced by the market." --Warren Buffett (2008)

The Broyhill 2019 Mid-Year Letter (LINK)

Scion Asset Management Urges GameStop to Buy Back $238 Million of Stock with Cash on Hand (LINK)

An open letter to James Dolan about unlocking shareholder value at Madison Square Garden (LINK)

Privacy Fundamentalism - by Ben Thompson (LINK)

Wait Buy Why: The Story of Us - by Tim Urban (LINK)

Capital Allocators Podcast: Eric Ries – Lean Start-Ups and the Long-Term Stock Exchange (LINK)

Odd Lots Podcast: How to Forecast the Future (LINK)

Land of the Giants Podcast: Is Amazon Too Big? We Ask Its Sellers (LINK)

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Venture Stories Podcast: What Venkat Rao Thinks About Basically Everything (LINK)

EconTalk Podcast: Andrew Roberts on Churchill and the Craft of Biography (LINK)
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The Art of Manliness Podcast: #537: How to Think Like a Roman Emperor (LINK)
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The Peter Attia Drive Podcast: #68 - Marty Makary, M.D.: The US healthcare system—why it’s broken, steps to fix it, and how to protect yourself (LINK)

How Komodo Dragons Survived Extinction as Other Giant Reptiles Went Extinct (LINK)

Here’s a question you should ask about every climate change plan - by Bill Gates (LINK)