Monday, July 22, 2019


"You have to keep learning that you don’t know, because you find models that work, ways to make money, and then they blow sky-high. There’s always somebody around who looks very smart. I’ve learned that the people who are the most smart aren’t going to make it. What’s great about this business is that you keep learning. In fact, I don’t know anybody who left investing to become an engineer, but I know a lot of engineers who left engineering to become investors. It’s just so infinitely challenging. You just have to be prepared to be wrong and to understand that your ego had better not depend on being proven right. Being wrong is part of the process. It’s really why the market fluctuates." --Peter Bernstein  [Source]

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Cloud game delivery and "Netflix of Gaming" are the big new "things" in media today. But they're unlikely to deliver the player or playtime growth that many expect.
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Amateur investors are setting up high-risk, high-return deals on their own, but the key to success varies.
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Book of the day: The Moon: A History for the Future