Monday, July 1, 2019


"The whole investment world is more and more competitive, and if you talk about a real credit contraction, which gums up the whole civilization, no one would welcome that. And I would predict that if we ever had a really big credit contraction after a period like the one we’re in with all this excess, which is causing so much envy and resentment, that we would get legislation that most of us wouldn’t like." --Charlie Munger (2007)

Once Upon A Time In Tech (LINK) [H/T @AlexRubalcava, whose comments are also worth posting: "If you’re a software investor in private or public markets, you should check out this massive, comprehensive Seeking Alpha post, which is decidedly bearish. Naturally I don’t agree with everything in the post, but I appreciate its depth and rigor."]

a16z Podcast: Entrepreneurs, Then and Now [with Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz, and Stewart Butterfield] (LINK)

The Peter Attia Drive Podcast: #60 - Annie Duke (LINK)
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Radiolab Podcast - G: Relative Genius (LINK)
Albert Einstein asked that when he died, his body be cremated and his ashes be scattered in a secret location. He didn’t want his grave, or his body, becoming a shrine to his genius. When he passed away in the early morning hours of April, 18, 1955, his family knew his wishes. There was only one problem: the pathologist who did the autopsy had different plans.
Robert Caro Reflects on Robert Moses, L.B.J., and His Own Career in Nonfiction (Transcript, Podcast)
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The Power of One Push-Up [H/T @Atul_Gawande] (LINK)
Several simple ways of measuring a person’s health might matter more than body weight.
Oregon’s Tsunami Risk: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - by Kathryn Schulz (LINK)

'Apollo 11': 8 moments from the documentary to watch for [H/T Linc] (LINK)

Book of the day [H/T @cristinagberta]: Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America