Saturday, November 10, 2018


"In economics, it’s far easier to tell what will happen than when it will happen. I mean, you can see bubbles develop and things, but you do not know how big the bubble will get." --Warren Buffett (2005)

A Fifth of China's Homes Are Empty. That's 50 Million Apartments (LINK)

Google in China: When ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Met the Great Firewall (LINK)

Kate Welling discusses Merger Masters on the According to Sources podcast (LINK)

Reflections on the Bank of England’s History (LINK)
Related book: Till Time's Last Sand: A History of the Bank of England 1694-2013
Tony Robbins & Peter H. Diamandis: Vitality, Longevity, Education & Human Purpose during our Exponential Age (LINK)

The Longevity Opportunity (LINK)

How to Engineer Biology (LINK)

Tim Berners-Lee launches campaign to save the web from abuse [H/T @jasonzweigwsj] (LINK)

Tech C.E.O.s Are in Love With Their Principal Doomsayer (LINK)
The futurist philosopher Yuval Noah Harari thinks Silicon Valley is an engine of dystopian ruin. So why do the digital elite adore him so?
Book of the day: Blitzscaling: The Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies