Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Ben Graham Centre interview with Josh Tarasoff [H/T Ian] (LINK) [There are also some other good interviews, and other things, HERE and videos HERE.]

Martin Capital Management 2016 Annual Report (LINK)

Jim Grant on CNBC yesterday (video) (LINK)

Bethany McLean and Herb Greenberg on CNBC discussing Ackman and Valeant (video) (LINK)

2014 article that might be worth reviewing in light of recent events: Bill Ackman's Big Pharma Trade Is Making Wall Street A Very Awkward Place [H/T @Wexboy_Value] (LINK)

2014 CNBC video that might be worth reviewing in light of recent events: Ackman says Chanos wrong on Valeant [H/T @RodBoydILM] (LINK)

If you're in the mood for some macro economics... Richard Duncan's latest public presentation (PDF) (LINK)

Marty Baron: "Digital Innovation at the Washington Post" | Talks at Google (video) (LINK)

Malcolm Gladwell chats with Tyler Cowen (video) (LINK) [The audio and transcript are also available HERE.]

TED Talk -- Carrie Nugent: Adventures of an asteroid hunter (video) (LINK)

Origin Stories podcast: Is there a simple rule behind how animals make group decisions? (LINK)