Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Thanks to everyone that has commented on the new blog logo. My wife had some free time over the weekend and decided to give it a refresh, as creating logos and marketing material is her specialty. I'm also working on a few other updates, but those will come slowly. 

Focusing is an Art, Not a Science (LINK)

Investing is an Art, Not a Science (LINK)

Why Robert Shiller Is Worried About the Trump Rally (LINK)
What Shiller will say now is that he’s refrained from adding to his own U.S. stock positions, emphasizing overseas markets instead. One factor that makes him cautious on American shares is the S&P 500’s cyclically-adjusted price-earnings ratio: While the metric is still about 30 percent below its high in 2000, it shows stocks are almost as expensive now as they were on the eve of the 1929 crash. 
“The market is way over-priced,’’ he says. “It’s not as intellectual as people would think, or as economists would have you believe.’’
Ackman Sells Valeant Stake After at Least $2.8 Billion Loss (LINK)

Intel, Mobileye, and Smiling Curves - by Ben Thompson (LINK)

Yuval Harari Works Less Than You - by Cal Newport (LINK)
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Gary Taubes on the Financial Sense Newshour Podcast (LINK)
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Neanderthal Dental Plaque Shows What a Paleo Diet Really Looks Like - by Ed Yong (LINK)