Wednesday, November 25, 2015


While the hardcover still doesn't look like it's available until next month, the Kindle version of Capital Returns is now available, HERE. And if you don't have a Kindle yet but are considering one, it looks like Amazon has them on sale for Black Friday week (Kindle; Kindle Paperwhite).

Latticework of Mental Models: Gambler’s Fallacy (LINK)

Yahoo Finance asks Warren Buffett about what gives him optimism (video) (LINK)

Yahoo Finance asks Warren Buffett about what keeps him up at night (video) [H/T Will] (LINK)

What is a Better Strategy – Invest in Berkshire, or Buffett’s Stock Picks? (LINK)

As China's Workforce Dwindles, the World Scrambles for Alternatives (LINK)

The First Woman Of Women: How Melinda Gates Became The World's Most Powerful Advocate For Women And Girls (LINK)

Trends in oil production [H/T @cullenroche] (LINK)

How Failed JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson Is Redeeming Himself With Enjoy [H/T Phil] (LINK)

Uber and the Sharing Economy’s Biggest Threat (LINK)

This looks like an interesting little book (based on THESE free recordings): Exploring the Practice of Antifragility