Thursday, March 26, 2015


I'm probably going to wait for some extensive notes--like those from Shane Parrish last year--before reading much on yesterday's Daily Journal Meeting, but if you're interested now, there are some excerpts and articles HERE, HEREHERE, and HERE.

The latest, updated list of Nassim Taleb's Additional Aphorisms, Rules, and Heuristics (LINK) [These are in addition to those in his book The Bed of Procrustes: Philosophical and Practical Aphorisms.]

Author Interview: Larry Cunningham on Berkshire Beyond Buffett (LINK)

Kraft Deal Fueled by Lean Recipe (LINK)
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The Brooklyn Investor on Kraft-Heinz (LINK)

How Super Angel Chris Sacca Made Billions, Burned Bridges And Crafted The Best Seed Portfolio Ever (LINK)

This Is How A Ray Dalio Letter Looks (LINK)

Interview with Dr William White, former Head of the Monetary and Economic Department at the BIS (LINK)

MTY Food Group – A Case Study of a 100-Bagger (LINK)

Brain Pickings - Sense of Nonsense: Alan Watts on How We Find Meaning by Surrendering to Meaninglessness (LINK)
Related book: The Tao of Philosophy
Cicero on Living a Stoic Life (LINK)
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Wandering Jupiter swept away super-Earths, creating our unusual Solar System [H/T @ProfSteveKeen] (LINK)
Jupiter may have swept through the early Solar System like a wrecking ball, destroying a first generation of inner planets before retreating into its current orbit, according to a new study published March 23rd in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The findings help explain why our Solar System is so different from the hundreds of other planetary systems that astronomers have discovered in recent years.