Wednesday, February 11, 2015


PBS FRONTLINE program with Atul Gawande, based on his book Being Mortal (LINK)

TED Talk - Ricardo Semler: Radical wisdom for a company, a school, a life (LINK)
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Exclusive: Tesla CEO threatens firings after dismal China sales (LINK) [As Bill Bishop said: "As brilliant as Musk obviously is, he made the classic foreign CEO launching in China mistake: loudly overpromising about their nascent business."]

Bruce Berkowitz: Fairholme Capital Conference Call [H/T ValueWalk] (LINK)

James Grant Talks Deflation, Greece, Stocks, And Weather (video) (LINK)

Aswath Damodaran: How low can you go? Doing the Petrobras Limbo! (LINK)

Seth Godin: The truth about sunk costs (LINK)
Part of what it means to be a creative artist is to dive willingly into work that might not work. And the other part, the part that's just as important, is to openly admit when you've gone the wrong direction, and eagerly walk away, even (especially) when it's personal.  
Yes, we have to have faith in our ability. Faith lets us do our best work. But successful artists sally forth knowing that abandoning our darlings is part of the deal.
Kahneman: Clients Driven by Losses, Not Gains [H/T CIO] (LINK)

1978 interviews with Friedrich von Hayek (LINK)