Friday, April 25, 2014

Richard Duncan interview

A long and comprehensive interview with one of the few macro guys I pay attention to. As he described this interview on his blog:
For anyone who is interested in understanding my views on the global economic crisis, this is the video I would recommend watching, if I could only recommend one. In it, I am able to address almost all of the ideas I have tried to convey through my books and speeches over the past ten years.
I just recently watched his 2nd quarter Macro Watch videos, which I thought were very good (see the bottom of this post for a link and coupon code to the videos). I also recommend his last book, The New Depression.


For those that are interested, Richard was kind enough to offer readers of this blog a 50% discount to his video newsletter, Macro Watch, using the coupon code 'valueinvestingworld', which I think should still be valid. While still an expensive service, the discount knocks the first year price from $500 down to $250. When you sign up (using PayPal), you enter into a recurring payment, so if you decide you don't want to keep the subscription after the first year, you can just cancel the service before your first year ends and not be charged any further.