Thursday, March 6, 2014

8 Things The World’s Most Successful People All Have in Common

UPDATE: An important question to think about if you read the article below is--as Peter Bevelin discussed in my interviews with him--Compared to what? Are there not many people that have done those 8 things and failed? As Peter said in our interview:
What is the evidence? Can I disprove it? Compared to what (including negative cases and non-events)? Randomness content? If I believe this, what would follow? What would I have to check out? What ideas can help me? I wrote more about this in part three of my book.
And just in case you haven't bought Seeking Wisdom yet, here's a link: Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger. And if you are interested in any of the books Peter mentioned in our interviews, you can find them all in one place, HERE.

Link to article: 8 Things The World’s Most Successful People All Have in Common
…when they fail, they do not waste much time lamenting; blaming; or, at the extreme, quitting. Instead, regarding the failure as a learning experience, they try to build upon its lessons in their future endeavors. Framing is most succinctly captured in aphorism by French economist and visionary Jean Monnet: “I regard every defeat as an opportunity.”


Successful creators engage in an ongoing dialogue with their work. They put what’s in their head on paper long before it’s fully formed, and they watch and listen to what they’ve recorded, zigging and zagging until the right idea emerges.


Sum Up 

Eight things you can do to be like the best:

1. Stay Busy

2. Just Say No

3. Know What You Are

4. Build Networks

5. Create Good Luck

6. Have Grit

7. Make Awesome Mistakes

8. Find Mentors

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