Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Boyles Asset Management, LLC

For those that are interested, I’m happy to announce the formation of the new management company that I’m involved with in the fund management business, which will be the new manager of the fund strategy I’ve been co-managing since 2007. The website is now live:

The name of the firm reflects a tribute to a professor who has had a profound impact on the three of us involved in the early stages at Chanticleer Holdings (Mike Pruitt, Matt Miller, and myself). Dr. Gerald Boyles taught all three of us while we attended Coastal Carolina University. He introduced us to value investing and Warren Buffett, which had a large impact on the direction our lives would take. Dr. Boyles also introduced Matt and me to Mike prior to the formation of Chanticleer in 2005 and, along with Mike, is largely responsible for us becoming a little less dumb than we used to be. It has now been over 3 years since Dr. Boyles had a double lung transplant that was necessitated because of a rare disease….and he’s still the same, great man he’s always been.