Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chanticleer Holdings, Inc.

As some readers have noticed, Chanticleer Holdings (my employer) had an S-1 outstanding to raise capital to pursue some of the things we have on the table. Some have also noticed the connection between this and our response to an interview question we gave last year to the publication The Manual of Ideas, which is pasted below:
MOI: As a publicly traded company, Chanticleer Holdings is on the radar screen of many value investors. However, the company’s small size makes it difficult to get involved in a meaningful way. Have you considered raising additional equity within Holdings, or are you focused primarily on expanding the assets managed by your Advisors subsidiary?
Chanticleer: We think about this quite a bit and have raised a little additional equity along the way. We can’t get into too many details being that we are public, but we’d be willing to raise more equity if we can find the right things to put that equity into. In 2008 we actually had an opportunity to acquire two Hooters franchisees that was disrupted by the financial crisis. We are always looking and, as one might imagine, some new opportunities have come up with the name recognition that came with having our name attached to the Hooters of America deal. But as for specifics, we can’t really go into much more.
I’m pleased to announce that the raise has been completed. For those that have been following Chanticleer, the ticker symbol for the units is HOTRU. The units will eventually split and the stock and warrants will trade separately. The new ticker symbol for the stock by itself is HOTR. Mike Pruitt, Chanticleer’s CEO, will be ringing the closing bell at the Nasdaq on Tuesday of next week, along with a few special guests. A full press release announcing the offering is available HERE. The prospectus is available HERE.

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