Friday, June 7, 2019


"I think that the chances we’ll have another 60 or 70 years with no nuclear devices used on purpose is pretty close to zero. So, I think you’re right to worry about it, but I don’t, myself, think there’s much that any of us can do about it, except be as sensible as we can and take the consequences as they come." --Charlie Munger (2006

"The only thing you can do about it — but you only have one vote — is to elect leaders who are terribly conscious of the problem and who devote a significant part of their thought and energy into minimizing it. You can’t eliminate it. The genie is out of the bottle. And you would like to have the leaders of the major countries of the world regarding it as a primary focus. Actually, in the 2004 campaign, I think that both candidates said it was the major problem of our time. But they probably suffer from the same feeling that I do, that it’s very hard to address." --Warren Buffett (2006

Excerpt of Jeff Bezos' fireside chat at re:MARS 2019 (video) (LINK) [I'll post the full video on the blog when/if it becomes available.]

Amazon Private Label Brands [H/T @emilyleldridge] (LINK)

Recode Media Podcast: Matthew Ball on Amazon vs Apple vs Netflix vs Disney, and how he built a digital media career by writing for free (LINK)
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For many investors, the Roth 401(k) offers some distinct advantages. But your plan administrator may not be steering you the right way.
Stanley Druckenmiller on CNBC (video) (LINK)

JPMorgan's London Whale Saga Ends Quietly as Fed Drops Its Order (LINK)

Did James make the right Final Jeopardy bet? - By Tim Urban (LINK)

D-Day: An American Legacy (narrated by Jocko Willink) (video) (LINK)


I visited Normandy and the D-Day beaches for the first time last year (details via my better half HERE). One of the more striking things to me was the length of beach the soldiers had to cross to get to land. It's a trip a highly recommend, and it's something I think can appeal and move even those not inclined to normally study history in their spare time.