Monday, June 10, 2019


"With all of these new helpers in the world, they talk about doing deals. That is not the mindset at Berkshire. We are trying to welcome partners. It’s a total different mindset. The guy who’s doing a deal, he wants to do the deal and unwind the deal and — not too far ahead and make a large profit, et cetera, and that’s not our mindset at all. We like the things that we can buy and that never leave us, and we like the relationships that last and are fruitful, not just for us, but for the people working there and the customers and everybody else." --Charlie Munger (2006)

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Markets can be weird and irrational stat of the day (via @charliebilello from last Friday):
5-Year Bond Yields, June 2015...
Greece: 17%
US: 1.75% 
5-Year Bond Yields, Today...
Greece: 1.68%
US: 1.82%