Wednesday, August 22, 2018


"We don’t understand what currencies are going to do week-to-week or month-to-month or year-to-year. And we always try to figure on what — focus on what’s knowable and what’s important. Now, currency might be important, but we don’t think it’s knowable. Other things are unimportant, but knowable. But what really counts is what’s knowable and important." --Warren Buffett (2000)

Looking back at Warren Buffett's March 9, 2009 comments on Wells Fargo and American Express (LINK)

What I learned from a teacher of refugees - By Bill Gates (LINK)

Venezuelans Skeptical of Maduro’s Latest Measures to Salvage Economy ($) (LINK)

Radiolab Podcast: Post No Evil [H/T @antoniogm] (LINK)
Back in 2008 Facebook began writing a document. It was a constitution of sorts, laying out what could and what couldn’t be posted on the site. Back then, the rules were simple, outlawing nudity and gore. Today, they’re anything but. 
Why Everyone Should Watch Less News - by Ryan Holiday (LINK)

Rare Earth Elements are Crucial to Modern Society. So, What Are They? (LINK)

"We have a willful agnosticism on all kinds of things. And that makes us concentrate on certain other things. This is a very good way to think, if you’re as lazy as we are." --Charlie Munger