Tuesday, March 27, 2018


"If you buy a stock and it goes down and that upsets you, it obviously means you think the market knows more about the company than you do. In that case you're the patsy. If you want to buy more because you know the business is worth just as much as when you bought it, perhaps a little more, so you buy more, it's the patsy." -Warren Buffett [H/T OID]

Ray Dalio: "Principles: Life and Work" | Talks at Google (LINK)
Related book: Principles: Life and Work
Stratechery 4.0 - by Ben Thompson (LINK)

What I’ve Learned from Jordan Peterson - by Russ Roberts (LINK)

Invest Like the Best Podcast: Live Ep.1, With Peter Attia, M.D. (LINK)
This week’s episode was the first one that I’ve recorded live. It was the second dinner in what I expect to be a long series where I bring together 30 people from a variety of backgrounds to discuss an interesting and emerging topic, whether that be cryptocurrencies, health, cannabis investing, or some other compelling, emergent thing.
Bill Gates reviews Turtles All the Way Down by John Green (LINK)