Wednesday, December 20, 2017


"They who lack talent expect things to happen without effort. They ascribe failure to a lack of inspiration or ability, or to misfortune, rather than to insufficient application. At the core of every true talent there is an awareness of the difficulties inherent in any achievement, and the confidence that by persistence and patience something worthwhile will be realized. Thus talent is a species of vigor." - Eric Hoffer

Farnam Street’s 2017 Annual Letter to Readers (LINK)

The 2017 Stratechery Year in Review - by Ben Thompson (LINK)

A Brief History of Cable TV: Creating and Cutting the Cord [H/T @Connor_Leonard] (LINK)

Twelve Days in Xinjiang: How China’s Surveillance State Overwhelms Daily Life [H/T @pcordway] (LINK)
Related book (I've linked to this before. And now that I'm nearly finished with it, I think it gives great context to viewing things like the article above. See THIS article for more about the book.): The China Fantasy
The Ezra Klein Show (podcast): What life is like in North Korea (LINK)
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Conversations with Tyler (podcast): Andy Weir on the Economics of Sci-Fi and Space (LINK)
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Nappuccino: A Scientific 5-Step Guide to the Perfect Nap (LINK)
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Investing book of the day: The Bank Investor's Handbook