Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Warren Buffett on CNBC.... The full video is available HERE. Links to individual segments are below:

Warren Buffett: Don't pay much attention to the Fed

Warren Buffett: Think GOP will pass 'tax cut' act this year

Berkshire acquires 38.6% equity stake in Pilot Flying J

Warren Buffett: Want people responsible for Wells Fargo scandal to pay

Warren Buffett: Keeping our Wells Fargo holding just under 10%

Warren Buffett: We'll be holders of Bank of America stock for a long time

Warren Buffett: 'Death tax' is a pejorative term

Warren Buffett: Corporate tax rate not hurting our businesses


When to Sell a Great Company? [H/T @anand1383] (LINK)

Episode 2 of Patrick O'Shaughnessy's audio documentary on the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies: Hash Power – Ep.2 – Cryptocurrency Investing (LINK)

Home Builder Lures Millennials With Offer to Help Pay Their Student Loans [H/T @morganhousel] (LINK)

The Absolute Return Letter - October 2017 (LINK)

Trustworthy Networking - by Ben Thompson (LINK)

Facebook Is Still In Denial About Its Biggest Problem (LINK)

Why Trump’s Words on North Korea Matter - by Evan Osnos (LINK)

Gravitational wave discoverers win physics Nobel prize (LINK)

The Absurdity of the Nobel Prizes in Science - by Ed Yong (LINK)