Tuesday, October 17, 2017


"Forget everything else. Keep hold of this alone and remember it: Each one of us lives only now, this brief instant. The rest has been lived already, or is impossible to see." -Marcus Aurelius

Graham & Doddsville: Fall 2017 (LINK)

Opinions on Everything (LINK)

Goodbye Gatekeepers - by Ben Thompson (LINK)

Your Next Home Could Run on Batteries [H/T @morganhousel] (LINK)

Loss Leader or Value Creator? Deconstructing Amazon Prime - by Aswath Damodaran (LINK)

Can We have an ETF Meltdown? - by Rick Bookstaber (LINK)

Nassim Taleb on Black Monday, Fed, Market Lessons (video) (LINK)

Jim Chanos Shares 'Bizarre' Black Monday Experience (video) [H/T ValueWalk] (LINK)

"60 Minutes" on the opioid crisis (video) (LINK)
Whistleblower Joe Rannazzisi says drug distributors pumped opioids into U.S. communities -- knowing that people were dying -- and says industry lobbyists and Congress derailed the DEA's efforts to stop it
The Family Making Billions From The Opioids Crisis [H/T The Browser] (LINK)

"60 Minutes" talks with Danny Meyer [from last week] (video) (LINK)
Related books: 1) Setting the Table; 2) Shake Shack: Recipes & Stories
Tim Urban talks with Patrick O'Shaughnessy (podcast) (LINK)

What Facebook Did to American Democracy [H/T The Browser] (LINK)

Containers: An 8-part audio documentary (and podcast) about how global trade has transformed the economy and ourselves (LINK)

TED Talk -- Kristin Poinar: What's hidden under the Greenland ice sheet? (LINK)

How Domestication Ruined Dogs' Pack Instincts - by Ed Yong (LINK)

The Microbes That Supercharge Termite Guts - by Ed Yong (LINK)

Walter Isaacson talks to Charlie Rose about his latest biography, Leonardo da Vinci, which was released today (video) (LINK)

Ebook of the day (You can also read the posts that make up the ebook for free online, HERE.): The Elon Musk Blog Series: Wait But Why