Tuesday, June 6, 2017


An Enterprising Thought: Cash as an Option - by Frank Martin [H/T Eric] (LINK)

Podcast: Steven Bregman On ‘The Greatest Bubble Ever’ (Passive ETF Investing) (LINK)

Ray Dalio’s updated thoughts on Donald Trump's policies and China's latest economic moves (LINK)

Apple's Strengths and Weaknesses  - by Ben Thompson (LINK)

From Startup to Scaleup | Sam Altman and Reid Hoffman (video) (LINK)

Roundup of lots of recent posts on crypto tokens (LINK)

Accelerating the Future: The Economic Impact of the Emerging Passenger Economy [H/T @AlexRubalcava] (LINK)

Nassim Taleb talks with Ron Paul (video) (LINK)

Beethoven and the Crucial Difference Between Genius and Talent (LINK)

Richard Dawkins on time [H/T The Browser] (LINK)
Related book (released in August): Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist - by Richard Dawkins
Book of the day (from a few years ago): Catastrophic Care: Why Everything We Think We Know about Health Care Is Wrong