Friday, April 28, 2017


"It's better to travel than arrive." -Robert Pirsig

Warren Buffett's money managers, Todd Combs and Ted Weschler, speak (video) (LINK)

Breaking Bread with Warren Buffett [H/T Linc] (LINK)

You’re Too Busy. You Need a ‘Shultz Hour.’ [H/T @jasonzweigwsj] (LINK)

Jeff Bezos speaks on Thinking Long-Term, Customer Focus, and Innovation [Some key thoughts from a couple of previous interviews.] (LINK)

Staying Competitive as the World Changes - by Morgan Housel (LINK)

The Hedge Fund Manager Who’s Shorting America’s Malls (LINK)

Exponent Podcast: Episode 112 — It’s Complicated (LINK)
Ben and James discuss whether or not monopolies are good, the differences between education and healthcare, and how to build an economy of the future.
McSquared - The Coming War between Trump & The Fed (video) [H/T @cullenroche] (LINK)
Introducing a new series of economic cartoons by the two Mc's - McCulley & McWilliams. What happens when Trump drops the mother of all policy bombs on the Fed? Who's going to win this war, what will the US economy look like in it's aftermath & what does it mean for markets? 
FT Alphachat podcast: Tyler Cowen's stubborn attachments (LINK)
Economist and polymathic author Tyler Cowen talks to Cardiff about his essay, "Stubborn Attachments", in which he shares his vision for a free and prosperous society - and the philosophical foundations necessary to build it.
Scientists Can Now Pull the DNA of Ancient Humans Out of Cave Dirt - by Ed Yong (LINK)

Massimo Pigliucci on Seneca’s Stoic philosophy of happiness (LINK)

Today's Audible Daily Deal ($4.95): Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future - by Ashlee Vance