Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The Kindle version of To Pixar and Beyond is on the Kindle Daily Deal list for $2.99. And if you buy it, you can also add the Audible version for another $4.99.

Scott Galloway - How Amazon is Dismantling Retail (video) [H/T @MarceloPLima] (LINK)

Invest Like The Best Podcast: REALLY Private Equity, with Royce Yudkoff and Rick Ruback (LINK)

Steve Ballmer puts the entire government in a spreadsheet (video plays) (LINK)

Popular Gold Miner ETF To Change Dramatically [H/T @chriswmayer] (LINK)

a16z Podcast: The Science of Extending Life (LINK)

South Carolina hospitals see major drop in post-surgical deaths with nation’s first proven statewide Surgical Safety Checklist program (LINK)
Related book: The Checklist Manifesto
Drone spots humpback whales and orcas moving in on cloud of fish (LINK)